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Are you a service provider looking to showcase your expertise to black business owners? Take the first step by becoming a service provider with The Black Resume. Elevate your brand, connect with clients, and position your business as a trusted choice. Join our network and thrive among the best!

Essential Partner

Enhance your visibility with a dedicated profile, connecting your services with ideal clients.

Premier Partner

Extend your reach with profile showcases, event invitations, and opportunities to engage with elite professionals.

Ultimate Partner

Elevate your impact with expert showcases, direct client outreach, and priority exposure within the elite community.

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Joining our network is simple. Visit the application form below and we’ll review your submission.

As a partner, you’ll gain exposure to elite black business owners, access to exclusive networking events, and opportunities to showcase your expertise.

We welcome a diverse range of service providers who cater to the needs of elite business professionals. If you offer valuable services, you’re likely a great fit!

Partnership pricing includes access to our network, profile listing in our directory, invites to events, and the chance to connect with elite clients.

Choose from our three pricing plans: $99, $159, or $229 per month. Each plan offers varying levels of benefits to cater to your business’s needs.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time based on your evolving business requirements.

Payments can be made securely online through our website. Choose your plan and follow the instructions to complete the payment process.

Our partner plans operate on a month-to-month basis. You have the flexibility to continue or cancel your partnership at any time.

Yes, you can showcase multiple services within your profile listing to highlight your business’s diverse capabilities.

As soon as you’re enrolled, you’ll have immediate access to our network, events, and the opportunity to connect with potential elite clients.

Profile Listing & Exposure

Your business will gain a dedicated profile listing in our exclusive directory, putting your services in front of elite black business owners actively seeking expert solutions. This exposure helps you connect with potential clients who value quality and excellence

Exclusive Networking & Events

As a partner, you’ll receive invitations to our exclusive networking events. This is your chance to connect with elite business professionals, share insights, and forge meaningful collaborations that can elevate your business to new heights.

Client Outreach & Showcase Expertise

With the Advanced and Premium plans, you’ll gain the advantage of direct client outreach opportunities. Showcase your expertise and skills through expert showcases, positioning your business as a top choice among the elite clientele. This spotlight can open doors to premium projects and partnerships.

The Black Resume has been a game-changer for my business. The profile listing increased our visibility among elite clients, and the networking events facilitated valuable connections. This partnership truly delivers results."

Platform Features

Unlock a world of possibilities with our exclusive platform features tailored for service providers like you. Experience a transformative journey that connects you with elite black business professionals and amplifies your brand’s reach.

Profile Showcase

Elevate your business with a dedicated profile showcasing your services, expertise, and accomplishments, attracting elite clientele.

Expert Showcases

Showcase your expertise through dedicated segments, positioning your business as a go-to choice for elite clients.

Event invitations

Gain access to exclusive networking events, fostering connections with elite black business professionals and expanding your network.

Client Outreach Opportunities

With advanced plans, seize the chance to directly reach out to potential clients, showcasing your value and capabilities.